I’m deep in the middle of my busy season getting everything ordered, packaged up and ready to send out for the holidays.  Thank you to all my wonderful clients for being extra patient with me this time of year.  I seem to work loongg hours and look forward to mid December when I can spend more time with my family and enjoy the holiday season.  And perhaps make my own holiday cards too. :)

But I still need to find time to post here and update my blog! I love showing off all my cute clients! This one is expecially cute!! He was full of energy and I really enjoyed this session!!  Thanks Ava and Jake!!  Ava is a wonderful hair designer at Farouche Salon in Redmond.  It’s difficult to squeeze in to make an appointment with her. There is a reason for that! Thanks for the great haircuts and colors over the last few years Ava!

Meet {MAX}