I LOVE spring.   I love everything about it except the allergies.  But those I can deal with.  I enjoy all the new fresh color that pops up, sometimes in unexpected places.  Like this place I discovered  and had to take my kids there and take photos.  It’s just a little alley way and an undeveloped field. Lot’s of blooming dandelions, a few grape hyacinths and a large blooming tree.   Thank goodness my kids were able to cooperate as it’s usually quite a challenge for me to be behind the lens with them in front of it.  But thankfully a bit of bribery went a long way.  That, and my youngest was completely excited that I let her pick all the dandelions she wanted.


So, a little share of my own kids.  *heart*


And I thought this was a little funny snapshot of what my mom’s a photographer syndrome looks like!  ;)

  • Love seeing your kids-they are getting all grown up -and so lovely.
    We still love our photos of Kyle-you are so talented.
    I used one of your photos the other day of your daughter and I at the Botanical Gardens.
    thank you for letting me use those!


  • Thanks Ann!!! :) I’m so happy you are still able to use some of the photo’s I took at Tiny Treks!