This month we are to photograph something we do outside of photography.    I have several hobbies…one of them is baking.  I love to bake!   Especially the sweet stuff.   And I love to make candy.  Every year I get the bug to make batches and batches of chocolate truffles and other yummy things.   Last year I made marshmallows which were super duper sticky but they turned out to be sooo yummy.

It’s been a long time since I have baked a cake, but needed one for an auction dessert dash last weekend.  Great timing!!     I also love to garden – even pulling weeds – as I do love just being outside with my thoughts.  And I have been teaching myself how to knit recently, with a little success.  I’m always up to trying a new craft!

And as you can see I’m not the cleanest cook… I make a lot of messes.  I try to measure everything on a plate, keep my spoons on it, etc.  Really helps with clean up if I can contain it a bit, but it never does stay!

I made a chocolate cake & my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe is by The Whimsical Bakehouse (in fact, it’s the first edition of this book that really taught me how to make a cake, prep and decorate).  I fill it with their Oreo Cream Filling.   Frosted with a marshmallow cream butter frosting ( OMG yum ) and then topped with chocolate shavings.  It was my first time doing the chocolate shavings, so not sure how I feel about that.  I felt they were rather fragile and difficult to get onto the cake, but it didn’t matter.   This cake tastes amazing and I always have to make extra oreo cream filling (it’s simply heavy cream whipped until stiff, a quarter cup of powdered sugar and about 12 oreos crushed) because my family could devour a whole bowl of just the filling.

Now next in the blog carousel, please go visit the very talented photographer from Baton Rouge;  Anna-Karin Skillen   Child & Family Photographer Baton Rouge













Now next in the blog carousel, please go visit the very talented photographer, Anna-Karin Skillen   Child & Family Photographer Baton Rouge  sharing her hobby!  :)