I am currently on an extended break from family and kids portraits and have closed the studio at the end of December 2013.

I have taken a select number of high school senior sessions this month and continue to work offering interior design photography and commercial photography work.

I have been enjoying this time with my family and hope that all of you are also enjoying the summer and back-to-school time with yours also!




LOVE this part of my job, when I see a client come back to me.  I’m truly fascinated by watching people grow and change over time.    I met Kim and her kids back in 2005? 2006? at Eastside Mothers Club (meetings are in Kirkland, WA) Memory escapes me but it was when I first started out as a photographer and Kim hired me to take her daughters portraits.  It was a fun session and at the time I did a studio set up in my house and then we went over to the neighborhood park.   Miss A got to play a little bit of dress up danced around… not unlike some of my sessions today with kids at her age.  :)    Well, today, wow!  Her kids are teens just like mine and amazing to see how quickly time passes and kids become teens.

Thanks Kim for asking me to capture your sweet family this summer!

Family Photographer in Kirkland WA

Kirkland and Bellevue Family PhotographerFamily portraits, Kirkland and Bellevue WA


Met this family at my favorite family spot for portraits in Kirkland!   LOVED their outfits, they were perfect for the garden setting here.  :)

Thank you for sharing your sweet family with me!

Kirkland and Bellevue Family PortraitsKirkland and Bellevue Family Portraits

Kirkland High School Senior Portraits Kirkland and Bellevue Family Portraits

oh SO cute… got my baby fix with this little guy for sure!   Just finishing up this gallery and seem to be in a B&W mood… sometimes those images seem so so classic and really capture something amazing that color doesn’t.   But I did add in one color image that’s a favorite, but with which I don’t think works as well in black and white. go figure!

THANK you Michelle and your sweet family for sharing your newest little one with me.


Seattle and Bellevue Baby Photographer Bellevue_baby_Photographer Bellevue_baby_Portrait_Photographer Bellevue_Family_Photographer Bellevue_studio_Portrait_Photographer

Baby D is one month old today!  What a doll he was to photograph when he was just days old!  His older brother almost stole the show though, with his cute little Duplo “camera” with giant googly eyes.  TOO cute!  Seriously!

We were able to get out doors and photograph the boys in front of the beloved John Deere and on a gorgous nearby street arched with trees.  It was a super nice day to be outside and rare for a newborn session!  Happy 1 month and Thank you Ava, for sharing D and T, and the rest of your family with me.  :)


snohomish and woodinville family and newborn photographer Snohomish_Woodinville_family_photographer




It’s blog carousel time!   This months theme is music, which I thought would be the perfect opportunity to take a few portraits of my daughter with her flute!  I had to grab her “as-is” so these are very casual on a summer afternoon, which I think is great because that’s exactly how she is.   I may have to have her get the flute out another time when she is dressed up, but usually for concerts and such I grab my point and shoot, so I can relax and enjoy the show!

And if you wanted to know, here are some fun facts about the flute!  (from the blog http://blog.sheetmusicplus.com)   Hannah is very proud of her instrument!  She is using her flute with a curved neck joint, when long arms are not your forte.    It’s been so much easier for her to play this way and she enjoys it much more now that she’s comfortable playing.

  1. A musician who plays the flute can be referred to as a flute player, a flautist, a flutist, or, less commonly, a fluter.
  2. There are many different sizes of flutes within the flute family: piccolo, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass flute.
  3. Standard concert flute is pitched in the key of C, and has a range of approximately 3 octaves.
  4. Alto flute is pitched in the key of G
  5. Flutes have been made out of lots of different materials throughout history including: bone, wood, glass, ivory, plastic, resin, brass, nickel silver, silver, gold and platinum.
  6. Theobald Boehm helped create the modern Western flute. He started improving flute design and the fingering system of the flute between 1831 and 1847. Most flutists had adopted Boehm’s changes to the design by the second half of the 19th century.
  7. George Washington, James Madison and Leonardo da Vinci all played the flute.
  8. Flutes are considered one of the earliest instruments and date back to Germany over 35,000 years ago.
  9. Many cultures have their own version of the flute. For example, one of the most popular traditional Japenese flutes is the the Shakuhachi.
  10. The earliest use of the word “flute” was in the 14th century



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Redmond WA outdoor fitness

I love this interview, because, I love my fitness instructor!!    I have been attending Lisa Schrader’s fitness classes for a year and a half now and I just loooove going.   It’s an all around great group of ladies, which I believe is fostered by Lisa, who is our instructor/owner of Blue Sky Fitness.    I first saw the class in the Redmond Parks community catalog and the reason I decided to sign up is that she takes any fitness level.  I did beg my neighbor to join me for support, but really it’s not something you need.   Lisa and the other gals are super friendly and welcoming.   And with Lisa getting to know all our needs, It’s like having a personal trainer in a small group setting!   There are some that are super fit and some that are just starting out… Lisa’s magic pushes us ALL to get a great workout.    I started from ground ZERO… and now I am loving how much I can do and I try to push my self each time.  Feels good!

Who are you, and what do you do?   Tell us a little bit about your business….

My name is Lisa Schrader.  I am the owner of Blue Sky Outdoor Fitness.  I am a certified personal fitness trainer and I am in my 5th year training in the great outdoors.  Most of my clients refer to it as “bootcamp” but I like to call it my outdoor fitness class.  I think it sounds less scary and my style is not as a drill sargent.  We do strength training and cardio in an interval style format using some equipment, park benches and our own body weight.  My goal for my clients is to reduce body fat, increase their lean mass and basically become more “fit”.  

Business Headshot Blue Sky Outdoor Fitness Redmond WA


What do you love about your job?

I love my job!  I feel so lucky to work in a beautiful outdoor setting and spend time with a group of wonderful woman all here for a common goal.  I love providing a service that is so valuable and important to our health and well-being.  The fresh air is an added bonus and it definitely is a mood booster. Beyond exercise, the best part of my job is bringing together women from all different backgrounds.  I love to see them bond and support each other.  It’s a great place to get advice for your pet, how to take care of our skin better, what’s the best sports bra and even how to make the best margarita in town.  

Tell me a little about about how you got to where you own your business and doing what you love?

I am also a mom.  I have two daughters Alexandra  14 and Maya 11.  Before they were born and for a short time after, I worked in corporate America. 

How do you balance being a working mom and business owner? 

I knew once I became a mom, I wanted to find a job where I could have a good balance between family and working.  My fitness business is a good fit for this balance.  It allows me to be there for the girls when I’m needed and the best part is it’s also a good role model for their own health and fitness.  

What are some of your favorite things to do?   How do you like to relax?

On a personal note, some of my favorite things are also outside.  I love to snowshoe in the winter and hike or bike in the summer.  My favorite place to dine is any small intimate Italian restaurant by candlelight with a glass of great red wine.  I like to read and when I get the time to do this, I find myself reading about fitness or nutrition.  I find it so interesting and I can never get enough of it so that tells me I am in the right place.

Redmond Family Photographer

Redmond Family Photographer Redmond and Kirkland Family Photographerwoodinville and Redmond family photographer

JOIN US!   Classes are held M/W/F’s from 9:30-10:30 at Perrigo Park.   First class is FREE to try!  We have a great group, and a lot of fun out there!


Here’s my list of why I love to workout outdoors:

1. Fresh air… feels great!   And wearing layers works like natural air conditioning… we peel as we go!   And we are not near a busy road, we are at Perrigo Park in Redmond so there are no stinky cars… just us and the birds over our heads.

2.  Warm sunshine on sunny days – when it’s out it feels sooo good to lay in the sun for stretches after a good workout.  It’s truly heaven!

3.  Love to watch nature during a workout.

4.  Lots of space – Lisa creates some really fun workout routines…laying out cones, circles, squares, etc.  We get out the soccer balls, and jump ropes, jump hurdles,  run backwards, run on a trail, etc.   So much space to create all that and keeps it fresh!

5.  We can be as loud as we want – we are outside!  If we want to shout, no problem!   We’ll shout!

6.  It’s not stinky  like the gym.   PEEE U.

Redmond_outdoor_Fitness Redmond_Fitness_cross_fit Redmond_Fitness_BootCamp4Redmond Outdoor fitness and Business Headshots by Holli Dunn Photography


Ahhh love these two!  Mr M and his mommy, Christel are so so fun to photograph!  M just turned three and is all go go go and super active so meeting at this park was really fun!   We ran around, explored the water a bit, climbed a tree, and talked a lot about trains – his favorite!   Christel, you are the best mom ever too.  So loving and patient and a great sense of humor!   Happy Mothers day!!


Seattle Family and Child Photographer

Seattle Child and Family Photographer


Seattle Child Photographer

Love love love it when I get those snuggly family portraits, where the love of a family really shows through – just like this one!   This family has had a tough tough year, so I know getting these family portraits has meant a lot to them.    Their daughter is so so sweet and loving too and super fun to work with!   First let’s warm up and jump for moms because they are the best!  Hooray!




This month we are to photograph something we do outside of photography.    I have several hobbies…one of them is baking.  I love to bake!   Especially the sweet stuff.   And I love to make candy.  Every year I get the bug to make batches and batches of chocolate truffles and other yummy things.   Last year I made marshmallows which were super duper sticky but they turned out to be sooo yummy.

It’s been a long time since I have baked a cake, but needed one for an auction dessert dash last weekend.  Great timing!!     I also love to garden – even pulling weeds – as I do love just being outside with my thoughts.  And I have been teaching myself how to knit recently, with a little success.  I’m always up to trying a new craft!

And as you can see I’m not the cleanest cook… I make a lot of messes.  I try to measure everything on a plate, keep my spoons on it, etc.  Really helps with clean up if I can contain it a bit, but it never does stay!

I made a chocolate cake & my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe is by The Whimsical Bakehouse (in fact, it’s the first edition of this book that really taught me how to make a cake, prep and decorate).  I fill it with their Oreo Cream Filling.   Frosted with a marshmallow cream butter frosting ( OMG yum ) and then topped with chocolate shavings.  It was my first time doing the chocolate shavings, so not sure how I feel about that.  I felt they were rather fragile and difficult to get onto the cake, but it didn’t matter.   This cake tastes amazing and I always have to make extra oreo cream filling (it’s simply heavy cream whipped until stiff, a quarter cup of powdered sugar and about 12 oreos crushed) because my family could devour a whole bowl of just the filling.

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Now next in the blog carousel, please go visit the very talented photographer, Anna-Karin Skillen   Child & Family Photographer Baton Rouge  sharing her hobby!  :)