It’s been way too long since I’ve shared a session on my blog! Well  let’s fix that a bit.  :)

I photographed this little boy when he was just a little newborn, and gosh he was cute, and still is!  I can’t wait to meet his new little brother soon!

Kirkland and Bellevue Outdoor Maternity Photographer

Kirkland Outdoor Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Kirkland WA outdoor maternity and Newborn photos

Kirkland and Seattle Family Photographer

Kirkland and Bellevue Child Photographer

Love love the crisp fresh air and it really seems to hit us lately.     We have had some amazing weather this summer and I surely hope it sticks through the rest of fall.  Already seeing some leaves changing!   There is no better time for a fall family portrait and at a great price.  Call or email me to book!

Fall Family Sessions at Bellevue Botanical Gardens

they can’t POSSIBLY get any cuter, and then they prove you wrong!  How dare they!  LOL.

These two are some of my favorite clients and have a ton of energy – so they make you work for it a bit, LOL.  But it all paid off at the end when I received a million hugs and snuggles.  Seriously the CUTEST. KIDS. EVER.

Thanks Wendy for sharing your two with me!

Kirkland Children's portrait Photographer

Kirkland Chlidren's portrait Photographer

Kirkland Photographer

Ahhhhh… my favorite time of year.  Great light, not to cold.  Not too many worries about rain (knock on wood!)  I’m getting a lot of calls to schedule portrait sessions right now, with hopes of scheduling before the school year starts again.  August can be a very very busy month.  I am now booking mid September, but it’s not too late for senior or family portraits.

This is one lucky family to enjoy this great weather. I haven’t seen them in front of my camera for a couple years and amazed at the growth of Mr A and Miss A.  :) they are super fun to work with!    Thanks Laura, for sharing your family with me again.  It was nice to catch up and see your mom too.

Kirkland and Bellevue Family Portraits

Sweet little Miss G! She arrived in this word quite early and after a week of being here she was off the bili lights and ready for her first photosession.  :)  What a peanut and totally adorable!  Congrats Barbara!!

Kirkland Newborn Photographer - Holli Dunn Photography

Baby photographer

Bellevue Baby Photographer

Seatte Newborn Photography

Studio Baby Photographer in Bellevue

Loved that the timing worked out for this family to have everyone together and can capture some portraits!  It seems time like this is few and far between and so worth getting done!   Kids were a gem!   They were all so good, minus a little separation anxiety which was completely normal and we were able to still capture great photo’s of him.  Yay!


Thank you B family!

Kirkland Child and Family Photographer

Kirkland Family Photographer

Kirkland Child and Family Photographer

Kirkland Child and Family Photographer

Had the pleasure of meeting this sweet family for their first ever pro family portrait!   Such a gorgeous night for it in the Issaquah Highlands.

Thanks Christine for sharing your family with me!

Issaquah Family Photographer

Issaquah and Sammamish Family Photographer

Issaquah and Sammamish Family photography

Sammamish Family Photographer

Such a cutie! I love it when siblings are born, and seeing the new family dynamic emerge.  What a treasure to have a sister!   Big Sister S is just a little bit excited at this point as there are so many changes all at once but I’m sure she’ll grow to love and adore her little sister very very soon, if not already!   Thanks for sharing your sweet children with me Sara and Muneer!

Seattle and Bellevue Newborn Photographer

Seattle newborn photographer

Seattle baby photographer

And to see the images and timeline posted on facebook:

Summer baby Sale - Holli Dunn Photography



Miss E is the youngest of three and has waited for her turn for a session as soon as the braces were off.  Had a very nice time, rain held out, and the light was gorgeous after all, despite the clouds overhead.   Thanks Lesley and E!

Sammamish Portrait Photographer

Sammamish outdoor natural light portrait photographer

Sammamish and Bellevue Portrait Photographer