Met this adorable little guy a couple weeks ago! He’s so so cute!  He’s around 3 months so lot’s and lot’s of smiles! Yay!  Thanks Laura for sharing him with me!

Bellevue Baby Photographer

Seattle and Bellevue baby Portraits




Bellevue Studio Baby Photographer

Loved seeing this family in front of my lens again!   The boys are so so big now, which makes me realize just how quickly time goes by.    Had a super gorgeous day – almost too bright for us here in the Seattle area – but we enjoyed it.  Flowers at Bellevue Botanical Garden’s are amazing, now matter when you visit too.  Well worth it!  Thanks Heather and Sang for sharing your sweet family with me!

Bellevue Family Photographer


This is one of my all time favorite jobs – I looove working with kids this age as they are so bright, funny, smart and plain old loving preschool!   Wish I could fit everyone in here, but here is a sampling of these cuties. :)

If you are looking for a fresh and fun look for your child’s school pictures, contact me and I’ll send the school an info packet on school pricing and samples of my work.  :)

Oh so so cute!  He was wide awake nearly the whole time, but so calm and mellow… what a fun session!   Thanks J and M!  Your gallery is nearly ready!

Finally had a chance to do my own kids annual photogaphs.  I must say that the saying about the cobblers children having the worst shoes is somewhat true in this case.   For them, it’s all about bribery because I used all my “do it just for me” credits way back when.  Now they have their sites on things like money.  So yes, I paid them to “model” for me and they view it like a job and actually works quite well!  I guess I could write that off as as business expense! hehe.


And if you love these flowers, as I do, contact me! We can set up a photosession for your kids or family – best time of day is 7:oopm in the evening.   I think these will last only a couple more weeks until they are gone.



I love it when we break through the winter blues with some gorgeous blue sky’s and sunshine for sessions! Yah!!  It means that summer is nearly here (some days it has sure felt like it so far) and I always get a bit giddy about it.   I was so happy to see these two again, they are the sweetest kids ever, and know me now… remembering back when Miss R was so so shy and look at her now!  Such a big girl too!

We met in Downtown Kirkland for this gorgeous location for a photography session.  Later this summer it will be full of blooms. Right now the lavender is peeking out and then it moves to summery yellows and pinks.   Great location for a session!


So a fellow photographer has blogged a great informative article on the Truth about Digital Files…

The Truth about Digital Files, by Meggan Jacks Photography

Definitely worth a read if you are thinking of investing in digital images and wondering why they are priced the way they are.

I have been working on putting together some really great resources for you if you decide to purchase digital images from your session too, which will all be compiled and bundled with your digital images for easy access to special links.  :)  It’s really amazing what is out there now, and since digital images are becoming a lot more mainstream and really expected – it’s perfect for those who are a do-it-yourself type of person. And for those who love receiving a package of ready-to-hang portraits for your walls, or a lovely album, and gifts ready to go that will still be offered as well.  :)



Oh SO cute!   I have never had such a wiggly newborn before, she’s super duper active but with all that wiggling came some truly fun and sweet expressions!

I created this facebook timeline just for my client.  If you want one too, please let me know!  I’ll be happy to create one using images from a past session (I’ll pick them) or with any new session!  See my facebook page for some sample timelines I have set up for clients so far, it’s been a hit with friends and family!  :)


SweetBabyL_Timeline by Holli Dunn Photography

Welcome to the new blogsite!!  I’m super excited to move into the modern age and have a combination website and blog which I can easily keep up to date and share the latest news with you!

More to come!

We have added a new date  – Monday March 12th in the late afternoon.

And there are still some spaces left to book.  I’m hoping to get all of these filled!

Sunday March 11th.  Currently 11:30,  2pm, and 2:30
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