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oh SO cute… got my baby fix with this little guy for sure!   Just finishing up this gallery and seem to be in a B&W mood… sometimes those images seem so so classic and really capture something amazing that color doesn’t.   But I did add in one color image that’s a favorite, but with which I don’t think works as well in black and white. go figure!

THANK you Michelle and your sweet family for sharing your newest little one with me.


Seattle and Bellevue Baby Photographer Bellevue_baby_Photographer Bellevue_baby_Portrait_Photographer Bellevue_Family_Photographer Bellevue_studio_Portrait_Photographer

Baby D is one month old today!  What a doll he was to photograph when he was just days old!  His older brother almost stole the show though, with his cute little Duplo “camera” with giant googly eyes.  TOO cute!  Seriously!

We were able to get out doors and photograph the boys in front of the beloved John Deere and on a gorgous nearby street arched with trees.  It was a super nice day to be outside and rare for a newborn session!  Happy 1 month and Thank you Ava, for sharing D and T, and the rest of your family with me.  :)


snohomish and woodinville family and newborn photographer Snohomish_Woodinville_family_photographer




Had the pleasure of photographing Miss L in the studio last weekend, oh my goodness!  Lots of yummy baby chunkiness – loove this age so much.  I don’t often get this age group into the studio as most clients prefer the newborn then moving right to sitting up.  But I must say, I really think it’s a great milestone to capture!!    We layed her on the floor and she just wiggled away so happily.  <3  Expressions are so fun too! They change from one second to the next, literally!


Bellevue_Baby_photography_Holli_Dunn_MJ2013c Bellevue_Baby_photography_Holli_Dunn_MJ2013d Bellevue_Baby_photography_Holli_Dunn_MJ2013e

It’s been way too long since I’ve shared a session on my blog! Well  let’s fix that a bit.  :)

I photographed this little boy when he was just a little newborn, and gosh he was cute, and still is!  I can’t wait to meet his new little brother soon!

Kirkland and Bellevue Outdoor Maternity Photographer

Kirkland Outdoor Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Kirkland WA outdoor maternity and Newborn photos

Kirkland and Seattle Family Photographer

Kirkland and Bellevue Child Photographer

Sweet little Miss G! She arrived in this word quite early and after a week of being here she was off the bili lights and ready for her first photosession.  :)  What a peanut and totally adorable!  Congrats Barbara!!

Kirkland Newborn Photographer - Holli Dunn Photography

Baby photographer

Bellevue Baby Photographer

Seatte Newborn Photography

Studio Baby Photographer in Bellevue

Such a cutie! I love it when siblings are born, and seeing the new family dynamic emerge.  What a treasure to have a sister!   Big Sister S is just a little bit excited at this point as there are so many changes all at once but I’m sure she’ll grow to love and adore her little sister very very soon, if not already!   Thanks for sharing your sweet children with me Sara and Muneer!

Seattle and Bellevue Newborn Photographer

Seattle newborn photographer

Seattle baby photographer

And to see the images and timeline posted on facebook:

Summer baby Sale - Holli Dunn Photography



Met this adorable little guy a couple weeks ago! He’s so so cute!  He’s around 3 months so lot’s and lot’s of smiles! Yay!  Thanks Laura for sharing him with me!

Bellevue Baby Photographer

Seattle and Bellevue baby Portraits




Bellevue Studio Baby Photographer

Oh so so cute!  He was wide awake nearly the whole time, but so calm and mellow… what a fun session!   Thanks J and M!  Your gallery is nearly ready!

Oh SO cute!   I have never had such a wiggly newborn before, she’s super duper active but with all that wiggling came some truly fun and sweet expressions!

I created this facebook timeline just for my client.  If you want one too, please let me know!  I’ll be happy to create one using images from a past session (I’ll pick them) or with any new session!  See my facebook page for some sample timelines I have set up for clients so far, it’s been a hit with friends and family!  :)


SweetBabyL_Timeline by Holli Dunn Photography