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oh SO cute… got my baby fix with this little guy for sure!   Just finishing up this gallery and seem to be in a B&W mood… sometimes those images seem so so classic and really capture something amazing that color doesn’t.   But I did add in one color image that’s a favorite, but with which I don’t think works as well in black and white. go figure!

THANK you Michelle and your sweet family for sharing your newest little one with me.


Seattle and Bellevue Baby Photographer Bellevue_baby_Photographer Bellevue_baby_Portrait_Photographer Bellevue_Family_Photographer Bellevue_studio_Portrait_Photographer

It’s blog carousel time!   This months theme is music, which I thought would be the perfect opportunity to take a few portraits of my daughter with her flute!  I had to grab her “as-is” so these are very casual on a summer afternoon, which I think is great because that’s exactly how she is.   I may have to have her get the flute out another time when she is dressed up, but usually for concerts and such I grab my point and shoot, so I can relax and enjoy the show!

And if you wanted to know, here are some fun facts about the flute!  (from the blog   Hannah is very proud of her instrument!  She is using her flute with a curved neck joint, when long arms are not your forte.    It’s been so much easier for her to play this way and she enjoys it much more now that she’s comfortable playing.

  1. A musician who plays the flute can be referred to as a flute player, a flautist, a flutist, or, less commonly, a fluter.
  2. There are many different sizes of flutes within the flute family: piccolo, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass flute.
  3. Standard concert flute is pitched in the key of C, and has a range of approximately 3 octaves.
  4. Alto flute is pitched in the key of G
  5. Flutes have been made out of lots of different materials throughout history including: bone, wood, glass, ivory, plastic, resin, brass, nickel silver, silver, gold and platinum.
  6. Theobald Boehm helped create the modern Western flute. He started improving flute design and the fingering system of the flute between 1831 and 1847. Most flutists had adopted Boehm’s changes to the design by the second half of the 19th century.
  7. George Washington, James Madison and Leonardo da Vinci all played the flute.
  8. Flutes are considered one of the earliest instruments and date back to Germany over 35,000 years ago.
  9. Many cultures have their own version of the flute. For example, one of the most popular traditional Japenese flutes is the the Shakuhachi.
  10. The earliest use of the word “flute” was in the 14th century



Now please take a moment to visit the next photographer’s blog post in this carousel (and go around until you come back here) and visit very talented Dena Robles, who is a  Michigan family and child photographer.


Ahhh love these two!  Mr M and his mommy, Christel are so so fun to photograph!  M just turned three and is all go go go and super active so meeting at this park was really fun!   We ran around, explored the water a bit, climbed a tree, and talked a lot about trains – his favorite!   Christel, you are the best mom ever too.  So loving and patient and a great sense of humor!   Happy Mothers day!!


Seattle Family and Child Photographer

Seattle Child and Family Photographer


Seattle Child Photographer

I love this family!  I photographed them several years ago and they have grown so much since I saw them last!   These kids are awesome as they wanted to do this photosession for their moms birthday and they did such a great job!  Mom stayed in the car at the garden so that I could work with them.  I love surprises so it’s a win-win!

Gorgeous time of year to be at the Bellevue Botanical Garden too!  They are currently going to be under construction and although I know the wait time will feel like a loooong time, I’m sure the garden will be amazing to photograph in again.


Bellevue Botanical Garden Photoshoot with Holli Dunn Photography

Bellevue Family Photographer Holli Dunn

Bellevue Botanical Garden family photographer

Sammamish, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue & Seattle Photographer

The Teddy Bear mini sessions are back!  Last year was  big success in raising 500.00 and sent a box of stuffed animals for Loving Hugs, Inc. and I hope to do it again!

Sessions are 15-20 minute sessions just for children, in the studio.  Perfect amount of time for capturing a milestone or certain age.  If you are considering becoming a new client, it’s the perfect opportunity to stop in and meet me.  :)

If you bring a favorite stuffed animal, we will photograph him or her with their stuffed animal and without so that we capture a little bit of both.   The session fee proceeds all go to Loving Hugs.       I have a sign up form ready to go, with links to sign up and confirm your session!   Please click the following button:
Sign Up Now!


Email me with questions!  I have special collection pricing just for this event too!

For more information about Loving Hugs and the work they are doing to put smiles on children’s faces – find them on facebook at or visit their website for more info at


they can’t POSSIBLY get any cuter, and then they prove you wrong!  How dare they!  LOL.

These two are some of my favorite clients and have a ton of energy – so they make you work for it a bit, LOL.  But it all paid off at the end when I received a million hugs and snuggles.  Seriously the CUTEST. KIDS. EVER.

Thanks Wendy for sharing your two with me!

Kirkland Children's portrait Photographer

Kirkland Chlidren's portrait Photographer

Kirkland Photographer

Ahhhhh… my favorite time of year.  Great light, not to cold.  Not too many worries about rain (knock on wood!)  I’m getting a lot of calls to schedule portrait sessions right now, with hopes of scheduling before the school year starts again.  August can be a very very busy month.  I am now booking mid September, but it’s not too late for senior or family portraits.

This is one lucky family to enjoy this great weather. I haven’t seen them in front of my camera for a couple years and amazed at the growth of Mr A and Miss A.  :) they are super fun to work with!    Thanks Laura, for sharing your family with me again.  It was nice to catch up and see your mom too.

Kirkland and Bellevue Family Portraits

Loved that the timing worked out for this family to have everyone together and can capture some portraits!  It seems time like this is few and far between and so worth getting done!   Kids were a gem!   They were all so good, minus a little separation anxiety which was completely normal and we were able to still capture great photo’s of him.  Yay!


Thank you B family!

Kirkland Child and Family Photographer

Kirkland Family Photographer

Kirkland Child and Family Photographer

Kirkland Child and Family Photographer

Had the pleasure of meeting this sweet family for their first ever pro family portrait!   Such a gorgeous night for it in the Issaquah Highlands.

Thanks Christine for sharing your family with me!

Issaquah Family Photographer

Issaquah and Sammamish Family Photographer

Issaquah and Sammamish Family photography

Sammamish Family Photographer

Miss E is the youngest of three and has waited for her turn for a session as soon as the braces were off.  Had a very nice time, rain held out, and the light was gorgeous after all, despite the clouds overhead.   Thanks Lesley and E!

Sammamish Portrait Photographer

Sammamish outdoor natural light portrait photographer

Sammamish and Bellevue Portrait Photographer