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Met this adorable little guy a couple weeks ago! He’s so so cute!  He’s around 3 months so lot’s and lot’s of smiles! Yay!  Thanks Laura for sharing him with me!

Bellevue Baby Photographer

Seattle and Bellevue baby Portraits




Bellevue Studio Baby Photographer

This is one of my all time favorite jobs – I looove working with kids this age as they are so bright, funny, smart and plain old loving preschool!   Wish I could fit everyone in here, but here is a sampling of these cuties. :)

If you are looking for a fresh and fun look for your child’s school pictures, contact me and I’ll send the school an info packet on school pricing and samples of my work.  :)

Finally had a chance to do my own kids annual photogaphs.  I must say that the saying about the cobblers children having the worst shoes is somewhat true in this case.   For them, it’s all about bribery because I used all my “do it just for me” credits way back when.  Now they have their sites on things like money.  So yes, I paid them to “model” for me and they view it like a job and actually works quite well!  I guess I could write that off as as business expense! hehe.


And if you love these flowers, as I do, contact me! We can set up a photosession for your kids or family – best time of day is 7:oopm in the evening.   I think these will last only a couple more weeks until they are gone.



I love it when we break through the winter blues with some gorgeous blue sky’s and sunshine for sessions! Yah!!  It means that summer is nearly here (some days it has sure felt like it so far) and I always get a bit giddy about it.   I was so happy to see these two again, they are the sweetest kids ever, and know me now… remembering back when Miss R was so so shy and look at her now!  Such a big girl too!

We met in Downtown Kirkland for this gorgeous location for a photography session.  Later this summer it will be full of blooms. Right now the lavender is peeking out and then it moves to summery yellows and pinks.   Great location for a session!


First session of 2012!  What a cutie.  I had fun getting back into work after taking some time off to reset myself and my business and prepare for 2012.  It seems to be taking right off again!

LOVE!!  Hehe.


And while the session above was just for Mr J, Big brother stopped in for a visit last November with his family for their annual family session.   I think he’s pretty adorable too!


Come out and help us raise some money for Loving Hugs, Inc with special edition mini sessions in the studio loft, located in Bellevue. Up to two kids, 20 minutes for each session.   Additional children are 10.00 each.    My kids love their stuffed animals – love what they are doing to help the children around the world. (bio posted below).  Money from the session fee will be donated to the organization.  Session fee includes a 5×7 print and 10% off your order too!  Special packages will be available.

Who is Loving Hugs?

We collect your donations of stuffed animals (new or very ‘gently used’)- we call them “hugs”, to send to children in war zones, orphanages, refugee and IDP (internally displaced persons) camps, and medical/hospital facilities around the world. We also send your donations of stuffed animals for emergencies from natural disasters around the world, such as the 2009 flood in Manila, Philippines, and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, to bring some comfort and hope to those children.

Contact me to arrange your time!  Hope to see you!

Ha, ha, sorry for the pun. We had a funny week with this Seattle snowstorm.. felt like a week filled with Sundays which isn’t too bad really, having forced downtime.  Makes you sit and think about things which sometimes we really need to be forced to do that.  Also helps you notice little things or take some time to do something different from the daily activities and busyness.  So for a quiet hour, I spent some time outside capturing birds, which I love.  I also sneaked in a few images of my kids which are hard to capture, really really hard to capture being that all they wanted to was to play in the snow or worry about their next activity that will save them from the god-forbidden boredom of nothing-ness.   Yeah, it’s good for them too.  :)


Love shooting in the snow!  Clean fresh backgound and loads of natural light…


Wow, I can’t believe all the beautiful families and children I see here.  2011 has been a great year for Holli Dunn Photography!  Celebrated a year in the Bellevue studio, expanded it by double towards the end of 2011 and met many new wonderful people which makes my job very rewarding!   I also took some time to work on personal goals which I’m very proud of too.  Here’s to another great year!  See you all soon!

Ahhh, it’s that crazy busy time that I can barely breath some days – for which I’m very thankful for I must say!   I want to thank my super sweet and patient client Amanda, whom I’m posting this sneak peek for.  She’s been waiting for awhile now… knowing that I have been working on getting out cards for everyone who needs them.   Almost all of which will be ready for pick up tomorrow or Sunday, whoooo!

It’s also nice to update my very neglected blog and facebook page with some fresh images.  More to come soon…. I’m nearly done with editing holiday sessions and orders and am looking forward to spending some time with my family and enjoy the holidays.  :)   Hopefully more time to post a few of the recent sessions I’ve been busy with.  Every one of my clients has been great this year!

What an amazingly gorgeous day we had for the first round of outdoor mini sessions offered this fall! We met at Bellevue Botanical Gardens for these and I was very pleased with the amount of color, lots and lots of flowers still in bloom and a peak of fall color just coming out.  Now that fall color is pretty much in full swing, round 2 should be just as nice!  Fingers crossed for good weather.  I always get a little nervous about that.

So here is a peek at some of images we created that day!  What stunning families and children!  :)

Portrait Photography at Bellevue Botanical Gardens