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I LOVE spring.   I love everything about it except the allergies.  But those I can deal with.  I enjoy all the new fresh color that pops up, sometimes in unexpected places.  Like this place I discovered  and had to take my kids there and take photos.  It’s just a little alley way and an undeveloped field. Lot’s of blooming dandelions, a few grape hyacinths and a large blooming tree.   Thank goodness my kids were able to cooperate as it’s usually quite a challenge for me to be behind the lens with them in front of it.  But thankfully a bit of bribery went a long way.  That, and my youngest was completely excited that I let her pick all the dandelions she wanted.


So, a little share of my own kids.  *heart*


And I thought this was a little funny snapshot of what my mom’s a photographer syndrome looks like!  ;)

Had a great time with this cute family and their adorable twin boys on the waterfront!  They really wanted to incorporate their jeep and I was pretty excited about it as I love incorporating things like this.   Finally! It feels like spring too – we got amazing weather on the day we had their session which feels great this time of year!

This session in the studio loft was so much FUN!  I loooove babies this age. They are adorable.  :

Miss A happens to be a VERY special client, not only because she’s just turned one, or because she is so darned cute…(all of which qualify her).  But it’s because she is one of my very first clients to be photographed in my new studio!!

My studio is located in Bellevue and I’m really excited to show it off.  I’ll be posting images very soon… but if you want a peek, I do have a few images up on my facebook page at

Starting now – I’m offering children-only* mini sessions (30-45 min)  for 50.00 on Mondays and Thursdays between 9:30-2:30.  If you purchase a studio collection, your 50.00 will be credited towards that purchase!

*for children age 4mo-10years, up to 2 children.  Add 10.00 per child over 2.

I was so excited to meet little Miss E after photographing this sweet family for a maternity session at their home and beautiful property.  Big brother and sister were super and so patient – it was raining during the maternity session and we just went with the flow!    Thank you Nicole and Neil! Congratulations!!!!

I feel like I’ve been so busy lately, too busy to keep my blog up to date.  It’s time to start posting some recent work!   I’ll start with a sneak peek of Miss H!  Always such a joy to photograph this family!  Love that she brings her Grandman and Tutu (grandparents) along with her too!  :)  

She’s such a little peanut, and super adorable, isn’t she?  She was amazing during the session, I don’t think I heard a peep out of her! Even when she was wide awake!    Congratulations Kim and Pedro!  She’s beautiful!

This was a super sweet session!  Miss {A} really enjoyed dressing up for this one.  We danced to princess music and just had a lot of fun!!  I wanted to bring in something colorful to balance out the gray days – I love the bright pink tulips.  Makes me thing SPRING!  I know it’s right around the corner…

But first, a little Valentine for you!  Hope your days are filled with sweet love!

Valentines day is quickly approaching and after working with this sweet family I can see just how much love this family has for each other…… all the way to the moon and back!  (and more, of course!)

Little {J} and {M} laughed together and had a good time during the session!  Isn’t this sooo sweet?

Thank you Julie and Aaron!  It was fun seeing you again!  :)  ~Holli

I have photographed a bunch of really adorable little ones this fall!  They have such amazing little personalities and I enjoy every minute with them and their families!!  A little sneak peek while I work on getting the November sessions completed!






Um, can I have a pair of little red shoes too?