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LOVE this part of my job, when I see a client come back to me.  I’m truly fascinated by watching people grow and change over time.    I met Kim and her kids back in 2005? 2006? at Eastside Mothers Club (meetings are in Kirkland, WA) Memory escapes me but it was when I first started out as a photographer and Kim hired me to take her daughters portraits.  It was a fun session and at the time I did a studio set up in my house and then we went over to the neighborhood park.   Miss A got to play a little bit of dress up danced around… not unlike some of my sessions today with kids at her age.  :)    Well, today, wow!  Her kids are teens just like mine and amazing to see how quickly time passes and kids become teens.

Thanks Kim for asking me to capture your sweet family this summer!

Family Photographer in Kirkland WA

Kirkland and Bellevue Family PhotographerFamily portraits, Kirkland and Bellevue WA


Met this family at my favorite family spot for portraits in Kirkland!   LOVED their outfits, they were perfect for the garden setting here.  :)

Thank you for sharing your sweet family with me!

Kirkland and Bellevue Family PortraitsKirkland and Bellevue Family Portraits

Kirkland High School Senior Portraits Kirkland and Bellevue Family Portraits

Baby D is one month old today!  What a doll he was to photograph when he was just days old!  His older brother almost stole the show though, with his cute little Duplo “camera” with giant googly eyes.  TOO cute!  Seriously!

We were able to get out doors and photograph the boys in front of the beloved John Deere and on a gorgous nearby street arched with trees.  It was a super nice day to be outside and rare for a newborn session!  Happy 1 month and Thank you Ava, for sharing D and T, and the rest of your family with me.  :)


snohomish and woodinville family and newborn photographer Snohomish_Woodinville_family_photographer




Ahhh love these two!  Mr M and his mommy, Christel are so so fun to photograph!  M just turned three and is all go go go and super active so meeting at this park was really fun!   We ran around, explored the water a bit, climbed a tree, and talked a lot about trains – his favorite!   Christel, you are the best mom ever too.  So loving and patient and a great sense of humor!   Happy Mothers day!!


Seattle Family and Child Photographer

Seattle Child and Family Photographer


Seattle Child Photographer

Love love love it when I get those snuggly family portraits, where the love of a family really shows through – just like this one!   This family has had a tough tough year, so I know getting these family portraits has meant a lot to them.    Their daughter is so so sweet and loving too and super fun to work with!   First let’s warm up and jump for moms because they are the best!  Hooray!




I love this family!  I photographed them several years ago and they have grown so much since I saw them last!   These kids are awesome as they wanted to do this photosession for their moms birthday and they did such a great job!  Mom stayed in the car at the garden so that I could work with them.  I love surprises so it’s a win-win!

Gorgeous time of year to be at the Bellevue Botanical Garden too!  They are currently going to be under construction and although I know the wait time will feel like a loooong time, I’m sure the garden will be amazing to photograph in again.


Bellevue Botanical Garden Photoshoot with Holli Dunn Photography

Bellevue Family Photographer Holli Dunn

Bellevue Botanical Garden family photographer

Sammamish, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue & Seattle Photographer

WOW!  It unbelievable how quickly that time went and blows my mind when I think about being in business for 7 years!  It’s not completely official yet as I was not quite in business until March of 2006 but these early months were a blur and I was shooting mainly friends to get all my business essentials in order.   Things likes getting images for a website, getting a website (which I ended up building myself and was very proud of (#thankyouverymuch).  How to show galleries, how to conduct an ordering session, how much to charge, and once I got the money… how do I pay uncle sam, and how do I pay myself?   So much all at once.  But I feel very proud of myself for getting thus far.  I must say, owning and running a business is very much like raising a child.  It grows and changes constantly.  Each year I am in business it’s a very different year… all moving in a positive direction. :)

THANK YOU clients and friends, family.   The business would be nothing without you and your support!   Especially the Neal, Kawaguchi & Porterfield families, who have stuck with me from the very beginning!  :)   I was just looking back at some of the earlier photographs …oh my!  My style/work has changed so much – but aside from that, what really speaks to me is that I was able to capture those moments in time and compare them to see a family and children grow.  I often go back through my own images of my children and am amazed by the changes children go through.  Truly a magnificent thing.

Last year was  record year for me in terms of number of families and kids I photographed.  :)  It was amazing!  I felt like I have all the tools in my belt, so to speak, for shooting in the studio now.  I recently made some changes to the studio to make it even better… like I mentioned, it’s an ever growing and changing thing.

2012 in review:

Had such pleasure photographing this great family last weekend in honor of Milt’s 80th birthday!   So much fun celebrating and the show of love and support for Milt was generous.

What a great family!  Thanks Val for asking me to help you photograph this special time!

And by the way, Milt’s only birthday wish is that you vote for Mitt Romney!

Sammamish Portrait Photographer

Sammamish Event Photography

It’s been way too long since I’ve shared a session on my blog! Well  let’s fix that a bit.  :)

I photographed this little boy when he was just a little newborn, and gosh he was cute, and still is!  I can’t wait to meet his new little brother soon!

Kirkland and Bellevue Outdoor Maternity Photographer

Kirkland Outdoor Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Kirkland WA outdoor maternity and Newborn photos

Kirkland and Seattle Family Photographer

Kirkland and Bellevue Child Photographer

Love love the crisp fresh air and it really seems to hit us lately.     We have had some amazing weather this summer and I surely hope it sticks through the rest of fall.  Already seeing some leaves changing!   There is no better time for a fall family portrait and at a great price.  Call or email me to book!

Fall Family Sessions at Bellevue Botanical Gardens