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Ahhhhh… my favorite time of year.  Great light, not to cold.  Not too many worries about rain (knock on wood!)  I’m getting a lot of calls to schedule portrait sessions right now, with hopes of scheduling before the school year starts again.  August can be a very very busy month.  I am now booking mid September, but it’s not too late for senior or family portraits.

This is one lucky family to enjoy this great weather. I haven’t seen them in front of my camera for a couple years and amazed at the growth of Mr A and Miss A.  :) they are super fun to work with!    Thanks Laura, for sharing your family with me again.  It was nice to catch up and see your mom too.

Kirkland and Bellevue Family Portraits

Loved that the timing worked out for this family to have everyone together and can capture some portraits!  It seems time like this is few and far between and so worth getting done!   Kids were a gem!   They were all so good, minus a little separation anxiety which was completely normal and we were able to still capture great photo’s of him.  Yay!


Thank you B family!

Kirkland Child and Family Photographer

Kirkland Family Photographer

Kirkland Child and Family Photographer

Kirkland Child and Family Photographer

Had the pleasure of meeting this sweet family for their first ever pro family portrait!   Such a gorgeous night for it in the Issaquah Highlands.

Thanks Christine for sharing your family with me!

Issaquah Family Photographer

Issaquah and Sammamish Family Photographer

Issaquah and Sammamish Family photography

Sammamish Family Photographer

Such a cutie! I love it when siblings are born, and seeing the new family dynamic emerge.  What a treasure to have a sister!   Big Sister S is just a little bit excited at this point as there are so many changes all at once but I’m sure she’ll grow to love and adore her little sister very very soon, if not already!   Thanks for sharing your sweet children with me Sara and Muneer!

Seattle and Bellevue Newborn Photographer

Seattle newborn photographer

Seattle baby photographer

And to see the images and timeline posted on facebook:

Miss E is the youngest of three and has waited for her turn for a session as soon as the braces were off.  Had a very nice time, rain held out, and the light was gorgeous after all, despite the clouds overhead.   Thanks Lesley and E!

Sammamish Portrait Photographer

Sammamish outdoor natural light portrait photographer

Sammamish and Bellevue Portrait Photographer

Loved seeing this family in front of my lens again!   The boys are so so big now, which makes me realize just how quickly time goes by.    Had a super gorgeous day – almost too bright for us here in the Seattle area – but we enjoyed it.  Flowers at Bellevue Botanical Garden’s are amazing, now matter when you visit too.  Well worth it!  Thanks Heather and Sang for sharing your sweet family with me!

Bellevue Family Photographer


Finally had a chance to do my own kids annual photogaphs.  I must say that the saying about the cobblers children having the worst shoes is somewhat true in this case.   For them, it’s all about bribery because I used all my “do it just for me” credits way back when.  Now they have their sites on things like money.  So yes, I paid them to “model” for me and they view it like a job and actually works quite well!  I guess I could write that off as as business expense! hehe.


And if you love these flowers, as I do, contact me! We can set up a photosession for your kids or family – best time of day is 7:oopm in the evening.   I think these will last only a couple more weeks until they are gone.



Ha, ha, sorry for the pun. We had a funny week with this Seattle snowstorm.. felt like a week filled with Sundays which isn’t too bad really, having forced downtime.  Makes you sit and think about things which sometimes we really need to be forced to do that.  Also helps you notice little things or take some time to do something different from the daily activities and busyness.  So for a quiet hour, I spent some time outside capturing birds, which I love.  I also sneaked in a few images of my kids which are hard to capture, really really hard to capture being that all they wanted to was to play in the snow or worry about their next activity that will save them from the god-forbidden boredom of nothing-ness.   Yeah, it’s good for them too.  :)


Love shooting in the snow!  Clean fresh backgound and loads of natural light…


Wow, I can’t believe all the beautiful families and children I see here.  2011 has been a great year for Holli Dunn Photography!  Celebrated a year in the Bellevue studio, expanded it by double towards the end of 2011 and met many new wonderful people which makes my job very rewarding!   I also took some time to work on personal goals which I’m very proud of too.  Here’s to another great year!  See you all soon!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!