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We had a gooooorgeous day, which is a rare one this spring and early summer.   When we showed up at Bellevue Botanical Gardens, it was like the paparazzi were out, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many photographers in one place.  But luckily most had their sites on the flowers.  But I was sure there were a few that would have preferred to follow us around and get some of these cuties!  I was the lucky one!  :)

check out how freaking adorable Miss R is, AKA Daphne from scooby doo.  She got to wear this cute little outfit at her birthday party!

I recently hosted a fun ladies night out at my studio that included headshots.  Everyone needs a headshot at one point or another, and it’s much easier to be prepared to have one to send out.   (can you tell how often I get calls for “emergency” headshots needed asap?  LOL).

{And for a good cause too}

We raised $500.00 for the  Noel House Programs of Seattle.  WHOOHOO!   In 2009, they helped almost 1500 women with their services.   If you are looking for volunteer work, take a look at their page here:  There are many opportunities to give to our community here and make an impact on someones life.

And what a fun night it was!   The best part was that I got to catch up with everyone one-on-one while I took their headshot.  :)       Thank you all for coming out to my studio for a fun night!


6 months! What a great age to photograph!   All he needs was a round of Wheel’s on the Bus and his face brightened right up!


This session was so fun with Miss S!!   She kept on giving me the cute smiles and expressions the whole way through!

LOVE this!!!  Perfect for being one!  :)


I LOVE spring.   I love everything about it except the allergies.  But those I can deal with.  I enjoy all the new fresh color that pops up, sometimes in unexpected places.  Like this place I discovered  and had to take my kids there and take photos.  It’s just a little alley way and an undeveloped field. Lot’s of blooming dandelions, a few grape hyacinths and a large blooming tree.   Thank goodness my kids were able to cooperate as it’s usually quite a challenge for me to be behind the lens with them in front of it.  But thankfully a bit of bribery went a long way.  That, and my youngest was completely excited that I let her pick all the dandelions she wanted.


So, a little share of my own kids.  *heart*


And I thought this was a little funny snapshot of what my mom’s a photographer syndrome looks like!  ;)

Had a great time with this cute family and their adorable twin boys on the waterfront!  They really wanted to incorporate their jeep and I was pretty excited about it as I love incorporating things like this.   Finally! It feels like spring too – we got amazing weather on the day we had their session which feels great this time of year!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting two new little additions to these wonderful families!   It was cozy warm in the studio loft, which made for a great session with happy, comfortable babies!  :)

Meet Mr J.  Oh so adorable!

And I love this one!  What a gorgeous Mama!

And little miss S is such a peanut!  She was born early and is 4 weeks old and as sweet as can be.  Check out her little smile!



Wow, another month gone by, and now that it’s over it felt like it went quick.  Although with what feels like colder-than-normal weather, there were times when it felt like it was never going to end.  I’m SO looking forward to spring already!  The longer days are feeling nice, and making me think about those late summer days and the best light for photo sessions!

So this month, I’ve been keeping up with boot camp and starting to feel good about getting in better shape.  :)   I photographed a few little newborn babies (sneak peeks to come soon on those) and a few little kids in studio too.  I’m starting to pick up speed again and booking sessions for spring and summer.   I feel ready to go!  Yay!   Here’s a little peek into my daily life in pictures.  It’s fun to see them all together like this – much more exciting than what at times seems like I’m snapping a completely boring moment… but looks good when presented this way. LOL

This year I’m trying something new to help push me creatively with my photography and to record my personal life on a day-to-day basis.    It’s a fun project, anyone can do it – most of my images are taken using my iphone actually so I am not carrying equipment around with me every day.  I just see a moment and snap.   It does have it’s challenges too, like those super dark, cold, gray, and rainy days where it feels like there isn’t any light to work from.  But that’s all part of the process.  :)  I can’t wait for spring!


Had a little visit from this little guy to my studio loft recently.  He is so adorable!  I was happy to get a chance to try out a few new props, like the little bed – that will be available with studio newborn sessions. :)