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I just recently joined a talented group of photographers in a creative project where we all have a theme once a month and post photographs based on that them. This months theme is: Spot Color

You have probably seen it before… selective color.  Where you turn a photo into black & white and then add the color back to a certain part of the image, such as a baby’s blue eyes or a flower.   In this assignment, we look for natural selective color.   This morning we woke to sunshine… yes, it’s that foreign object in the sky, making it’s way out a little more now that spring is on it’s way and I was sitting in the sunshine with my two pug doggies, Igor and Babushka.  Who love to sit in the sunny spot on the carpet whenever they get the chance.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. vitamin D!   (I like to pretend I’m actually getting some, as I hear we are really too far north and the sun isn’t strong enough for us to get it here naturally)

I thought that the light was amazingly perfect to capture my dogs (at this point in winter, ANY light is perfect)… and then suddenly realized after racking my bring over the last week trying to come up with a concept for the spot color assignment… it hit me.  My dogs are just about exactly the same color as my living room.  YES!  I’ve got it!  My daughter is home, sick today.  She had an idea to grab a scarf and we both worked together on this project.  Miss Hannah being dog stylist and wrangler extraordinaire and myself, snapping pictures of course.

Here’s the first shot that gave me the a-ha moment….  (Babushka, looking very hopeful for a treat)


And then on to the styling….  doesn’t she look beautiful in a baby blue scarf?   Matches my website too.   (crochet by my very talented SIL)

Seattle and Bellevue Pet Photography

Seattle & Bellevue Pet Photography


I like that this looks like a cape…

Seattle_Pet_photography_HD2013c Seattle_Pet_photography_HD2013d

And the very talented Mr Igor, who would not cooperate this morning… he’s excused for old-age crankiness… his birthday is next week. Seattle_Pet_photography_HD2013e Next up in the blog carousel for spot color is the very talented  Amy Siggelkow Duffing at 3 Peas Photography  ~  Minneapolis Family Photographer.  Please click her business name to see her post.

Excuse me for the time between posting sneak peeks on my blog!  I was already behind on getting this updated and last weeks heat wave set me back even further. LOL.   Not that it’s really a valid excuse.   Well, perhaps because but we do not have A/C in my office and getting work done was really really hard.  So I guess you could say I took a little un-scheduled vacation and now I’m back to work and trying to catch up!   Hope that you were all able to survive the heat last week and enjoy it some too.  I try to focus on the positive and be thankful for all that we  were able to enjoy!  An awesome day at the beach with good friends.  An impromptu camp-out in our backyard.  And my kids dipped in our kiddy pool at night to cool off before bedtime.    We can’t do that too often here in Washington, so it’s great to be able even for a few days each summer.   But now that the cooler weather is here I’m also excited for a little relief from the heat and a good nights sleep at comfortable temperatures!

And I’m especially thankful for my wonderful clients who keep me busy each summer. :)  I wouldn’t be here without you. :)

A little sneak peek for the {B} family!  More beautiful kids!!






A couple fun ones!!


Their doggy is super cute!


Today my Grandmother passed on.  Love you Grandma and will miss you very much.




I’m deep in the middle of my busy season getting everything ordered, packaged up and ready to send out for the holidays.  Thank you to all my wonderful clients for being extra patient with me this time of year.  I seem to work loongg hours and look forward to mid December when I can spend more time with my family and enjoy the holiday season.  And perhaps make my own holiday cards too. :)

But I still need to find time to post here and update my blog! I love showing off all my cute clients! This one is expecially cute!! He was full of energy and I really enjoyed this session!!  Thanks Ava and Jake!!  Ava is a wonderful hair designer at Farouche Salon in Redmond.  It’s difficult to squeeze in to make an appointment with her. There is a reason for that! Thanks for the great haircuts and colors over the last few years Ava!

Meet {MAX}