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I met the mom of these stunning girls about 7 or 8 years ago, when we first moved here.  Our kids were in playgroup together and it’s been so long since we caught up now that our daughters are in school and so busy.  WOW. I’m so stunned by how beautiful they have become and so big too!   I loved seeing you again, K!  Thanks for bringing them in for a portrait session!


I loved seeing you again, K!  Thanks for bringing them in for a portrait session at the studio!

I recently hosted a fun ladies night out at my studio that included headshots.  Everyone needs a headshot at one point or another, and it’s much easier to be prepared to have one to send out.   (can you tell how often I get calls for “emergency” headshots needed asap?  LOL).

{And for a good cause too}

We raised $500.00 for the  Noel House Programs of Seattle.  WHOOHOO!   In 2009, they helped almost 1500 women with their services.   If you are looking for volunteer work, take a look at their page here:  There are many opportunities to give to our community here and make an impact on someones life.

And what a fun night it was!   The best part was that I got to catch up with everyone one-on-one while I took their headshot.  :)       Thank you all for coming out to my studio for a fun night!


6 months! What a great age to photograph!   All he needs was a round of Wheel’s on the Bus and his face brightened right up!


This session was so fun with Miss S!!   She kept on giving me the cute smiles and expressions the whole way through!

LOVE this!!!  Perfect for being one!  :)


This session in the studio loft was so much FUN!  I loooove babies this age. They are adorable.  :

Well, it seems my blog has been quite neglected, as it usually is after a busy fall before the holidays.  I have been very blessed to meet some amazing new families this year, and to see so many come back for their annual portraits!  I enjoy this very much and after about a week off from working, it seems I’m ready to jump right back in and get back to work.  Hopefully 2011 will bring some more of what I saw in 2010… meeting new little people, and experiencing the beginnings of families forming, seeing children (and families) grow, and capturing that moment in time to help you create the family portrait you have been dreaming of.

I’ll be posting some recent work from Oct, Nov, and December 2010 to catch up on what I’ve been up to.   The new studio has been WONDERFUL!  I just love having a meeting place for you to come and see samples of products, my work, and the studio space for the winter months and the ability to capture the childhood milestones has been great so far!    I couldn’t have done it without you so thank YOU for your business and support!

And a huge thank you for my family, and especially my husband Dave, who is definitely my partner in this business.  He’s the other half doing all the behind the scenes work, and keeping my computer working smoothly.  He’s been known to stay up all night long  to fix a computer problem, or update my computer to Win7, or whatever happens along the way.  He also put in long hours helping me paint, hang hardware, and assemble furniture in my studio.

I rarely post pictures of my own family-  we were able to squeeze this image out in the nick of time to create my own holiday cards this year…. and I LOVE how it turned out.  This is in the studio, taken with the camera’s timer.   A doggy treat sat on the lens – which made everyone look and smile!  Not an easy feat! Haha.

The above was drawn by my little talented artists.  :)

Miss A happens to be a VERY special client, not only because she’s just turned one, or because she is so darned cute…(all of which qualify her).  But it’s because she is one of my very first clients to be photographed in my new studio!!

My studio is located in Bellevue and I’m really excited to show it off.  I’ll be posting images very soon… but if you want a peek, I do have a few images up on my facebook page at

Starting now – I’m offering children-only* mini sessions (30-45 min)  for 50.00 on Mondays and Thursdays between 9:30-2:30.  If you purchase a studio collection, your 50.00 will be credited towards that purchase!

*for children age 4mo-10years, up to 2 children.  Add 10.00 per child over 2.