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I’m excited to announce two days of limited edition mini-sessions at Kat’s Tot Spot Cafe in Woodinville!!   These sessions are available for sign up at the Tot Spot Cafe, and will be held every 30 minutes.   Please visit Tot Spot  Be sure to sign up soon! {Special} mini-session pricing is offered for this event only and other discounts or coupons do not apply.   Hope to see you there!


Another fun day at the cloudy beach! I’ve photographed them before, and know their little personalities and knew I would have a lot of fun with this photosession – and I did!! I was really looking forward to this one.

Meet {C}, {S}, and {T}! Little {T} just had his first birthday and just started to walk. He was absolutely adorable when he walked. So proud of himself! {C} and {S} were awesome big sisters, helping to wrangle him in for a group shot, because, he didn’t want to sit still, there are rocks to be found and eaten on the beach! And it wasn’t until I started singing Elmo’s World that he forgot he was being held against his will and looked up at me in amazement… Looking at me like “you know that song?” Hehehe… Yeah, I’ve heard it one too many times.





Thanks Shannon and Jeff!!

What’s a good reason to have a beach photoshoot on an overcast day? (despite the fact that we cherish the sunshine when it’s out)

1. No crowds! Yay!
2. No squinting from the bright sun! (my daughter used to say over and over – “too bright, too bright, too bright”)
3. Freedom! We can stand wherever we like – no worries about sun spotting through trees, harsh shadows from sun, or confining kids to shady areas.

Sure, I can make full sun work too, but it’s usually a bit more tiring for the little ones & grownups when the sun is so bright. It’s the reason why I like to book summer sessions first thing in the morning, or in the early evening when natural light is really nice and shadows are long. Actually Idylwood park is turning out to be one of my favorite places. It has so much to offer as far as scenery goes. Lake Sammamish, sand, bridges, wide open grassy areas, trail areas, and a fun playground. It can’t be beat!

I loved this session!! These boys were absolutely amazing in front of the camera and just fun to hang out with. First thing said when they hopped out of the car is “why does it take *SO* long to take my picture?” But I do have to say I am pretty certain they had a great time and barely realized that an hour had gone by and we were almost finished! I don’t normally post the goofing off type of things that go on in sessions – it’s one of the best ways to make kids laugh! But I LOVED the energy they put into this shot – Make your best incredible hulk face. ha!


Sarah and Neil, thank you for sharing them with me for a short time. It was fun!!

So, meet {J}, {E}, and {O}!





If you follow my blog, you may recognize one of the ladies in this group. This is the 3rd time she’s been in front of my camera this year!!  She’s gorgeous, but so is the rest of the clan!!

Hope you had a great visit here in Washington and have a very very safe trip back home.  It was great meeting all of you.

And for now, a few peeks!







Okay, I have been blessed with the best clients, who have the most adorable kids. Meet this little guy! He’s so cute and had the best smile! Thanks Ramona and Mark for asking me to capture {A} for this milestone. He’s really really adorable. I love photographing babies this age, they melt my heart.




Oh, I can’t forget how freakin’ cute their little doggy is…. Just look at him!



I had so much fun with you {N} and {E} thinking up for cat! cat!…!!  (think duck, duck… goose!), just goofing off, searching for buddy, and exploring around the yard.

For now, here’s a little sneak peek!

True sisterhood – don’t ya think?   :)


LOVE this shot!



This is the first time photographing anyone at Sammamish State Park in Issaquah, and I have to say – what a great place!! Plenty of shade and areas for the kids to run around. And even though it was a busy place it was easy to avoid getting people and cars into the shot.

So, here ya go Laura and Mark – a sneak peek for you! I feel special that you asked me to photograph you and your mom on your birthday…




This one’s for you Mary!


I enjoy photographing {A & A} every time. Thanks for asking me back!


Boy, it’s been SO hard not to skip ahead of myself and work on this photoshoot – and I know some of you out there are waiting for your sneak peeks – no worries, they are coming.


We had our annual Green Halloween photoshoot this week and I want to thank all the wonderful volunteer kids and moms who helped make this happen. I hope that you all had a great time dressing up in the wonderful costumes!! And thanks to the parents for bringing some awesome costumes. Several were handmade by grandma, or mom, and we also got to use some really great pillowcases and knitted hats made my Heather Choe and Kim Droppo from The Three Bettys {}. See that froggy hat- SO cute!! I may just need to buy a few of those for my props bag to take on photoshoots Heather!

We also had some great felt and silk costumes donated for this photoshoot – be sure to check the Green Halloween website at for more information.

Corey and Lynn are working hard to take Green Halloween to the national level. There are some wonderful tips on the site, and be sure to sign up for their newsletter. They’ve sent out some great information not directly related to halloween, but good tips and ideas on how to keep our kids healthy through the summer too.


Have a great weekend!


I had a great time in Salt Lake City! It was hot – which I know it sounds crazy, but it felt so good to be warm. We sat outside in the evenings and enjoyed not needing an extra layer. We went swimming, ran through fountains, ate a lot of ice cream, and just hung out and relaxed while we visited with family. It was great.

I’m going to be playing catch up on work for the next little bit, so I’ll be contacting those of you who emailed or called me while I was away in the next day or two. Thanks for bearing with me!


So, I’ve got several sneak peeks to catch up on and here is one of them. Meet little {E} and his new little sister {I}! Aren’t they adorable? {E} has just turned one, and has had several (too many!) hospital visits and treatments. He has such spunk! I had a tear in my eye as we ended his part of the session, he’s gone through so much. What a trooper!!!





And then they welcomed their daughter into their world!! Isn’t she just adorable?? I got my baby fix in with this one for sure, being able to hold and feed her just before I photographed her.


{W} and {R} I feel so honored capturing these moments for you right now. I can only imaging how super busy you are these days, but I can see it’s so worth it! You are both definitely doing an angel’s work with these 2.


Holli Dunn will be on vacation from June 29-July 10 and will not be answering emails or phone calls while she is away. Your phone call or email will be replied too shortly after she returns.

Hope you all have a great summer and 4th of July!! It’s finally warmed up around here this weekend. whooo hooo!!! Enjoy the sunshine.