WOW!  It unbelievable how quickly that time went and blows my mind when I think about being in business for 7 years!  It’s not completely official yet as I was not quite in business until March of 2006 but these early months were a blur and I was shooting mainly friends to get all my business essentials in order.   Things likes getting images for a website, getting a website (which I ended up building myself and was very proud of (#thankyouverymuch).  How to show galleries, how to conduct an ordering session, how much to charge, and once I got the money… how do I pay uncle sam, and how do I pay myself?   So much all at once.  But I feel very proud of myself for getting thus far.  I must say, owning and running a business is very much like raising a child.  It grows and changes constantly.  Each year I am in business it’s a very different year… all moving in a positive direction. :)

THANK YOU clients and friends, family.   The business would be nothing without you and your support!   Especially the Neal, Kawaguchi & Porterfield families, who have stuck with me from the very beginning!  :)   I was just looking back at some of the earlier photographs …oh my!  My style/work has changed so much – but aside from that, what really speaks to me is that I was able to capture those moments in time and compare them to see a family and children grow.  I often go back through my own images of my children and am amazed by the changes children go through.  Truly a magnificent thing.

Last year was  record year for me in terms of number of families and kids I photographed.  :)  It was amazing!  I felt like I have all the tools in my belt, so to speak, for shooting in the studio now.  I recently made some changes to the studio to make it even better… like I mentioned, it’s an ever growing and changing thing.

2012 in review: