Thank you!  I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful clients who have come to me this year and in years past for the last 4 years!  I *LOVE* my job! I think it’s the best in the world!  I enjoy connecting with the people I photograph and meeting so many new families each year.   I’m looking forward to another year!

What I love and what I think makes my job so special:

Meeting new people!

Seeing the little ones each year, and seeing the changes through that snapshot of time.

The lit up eyes of a child when they tell me a story or about something they love.

A growing family!

The sweet smell of a new baby.

The joy I see in new parents as they show me their new little one.

Remembering my own children at their various stages.

Waiting for images to upload off the cards and picking out my favorites.

Delivering packages! It feels like Christmas!

The belly laugh of a toddler after I do something silly.

Seeing photographs on the walls of your homes!