I just HAD to post a picture of the adorable little {M}!!  She was one of the models in the Green Halloween Photoshoot last month, and oh my goodness I can’t get enough of her!!  We were all bedazzled by her cuteness – Misty – thank you so much for sharing her with me that day.

And I have to share the story behind this costume.  It was one of the first costumes I have ever made and actually one of the first things I’ve ever sewn since, oh, let’s see…. Jr. High School sewing class I think!  LOL.  (fur hides a lot of bad stitching!)   So it was so sweet to see this little one wearing it and of course, the fringe adds so much to it.  I think I’ll save this costume for a little longer.  I knew there was a reason I kept it so long…


My daughter in 2003.   :)


More of adorable {M} in a princess costume…